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Paying Your Debt

NuDebt has an array of tools and payment options to facilitate payment of your debt.

NuDebt provides an easy communications, payment and rewards platform.
Late and non-payment could negatively impact your credit score, affecting your opportunities to qualify for credit.

NuDebt's Preferred Payment Solution

eColls™ is a digital first. This platform allows you to update your personal information, log queries, make payments and choose from various payment options and get rewarded for making payments.
eColls™ is a totally #DataFree platform.

The Debt Collection Process

Understanding the debt collection process undertaken by NuDebt.

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    Defaulted on Payment

    You have defaulted on a payment obligation towards our client, resulting in the amount owed being handed over to NuDebt for collection.
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    First Contact Attempt

    The first contact attempt is made using our digital communications and payment platform,
    Contact will be made via SMS, WhatsApp or email.
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    Second Contact Attempt

    If the client does not make use of to pay or raise a dispute, our Call Centre will attempt to contact the client telephonically .
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    Third Contact Attempt

    NuDebt’s third contact attempt will be sending out a field agent to the debtor’s home or business address, to verify the correctness of the debtor’s data and collection of the debt.
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    Legal Action

    Once all pre-legal contact mechanisms have been exhausted and no contact or payment arrangement has been made, the matter will be assigned BNI Attorneys for further legal action.
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    Court order against debtor

    BNI Attorneys will request the court to grant an order for capital, interest and legal fees.

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Connect With NuDebt

Fill in your details below and NuDebt will be in contact with you.

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