To manage credit best and ensure sustainable cash flow you, have to start by measuring what matters. No cash flow – no business.

Stay in regular contact with your customer base. Understand their needs, expectations, queries and reasons for non-payment. Remember people change their contact details frequently – so stay abreast of your customers’ contact details.

Provide your customers with the convenience of payment methods of their choice, credit/debit card, debit order, instant EFT, etc.

When outsourcing to a specialist debt collector, they have the infrastructure, staff, know-how and focus to do so immediately. Whereas if you do it in-house, time, money and effort is often wasted on corporate politics between Sales and Finance.

The advantages of any external debt collector are:

  • A Debt Collector will have an array of Collection methods available:
  • A Collection Call Centre;
  • A Digital Collections platform linked to a rewards system #ecolls;
  • Naedos;
  • DebiCheck;
  • Customised Collection; and
  • A Legal Team with knowledge pertaining to collection regulations. #POPI Act.

Collections and Debt recovery is their core competency. By employing a specialist Debt Collection company you are freeing up your company resources to focus on your core business and retaining relationships even with defaulters.

Singular focus is the key to success. We focus on collecting your debt, you focus on delivering to your clients.