Debit Orders

Basic functionality

NuDebt developed a unique web based debit order system.The debit order system provides approved participating entities access to all Banks and their subsidiaries in the South Africa. The basic functionality enables the user of the system to generate a debit order payment instruction on authorisation from NuDebt.

The types of accounts that can be debited are:
  • Current account
  • Savings account
  • Transmission account
  • Credit card account

NuDebt is web based which enables the user to optimally manage their debit order book at any time. These are various service types within the system to address a customer’s EFT needs.

Key features

  • Transaction warehousing – Central database
  • Transactions with variable dates
  • Payment instructions with multiple instalments
  • Web based reporting
  • The web based reports enable the user to track the progress of the transaction through the following stages:
  • Transactions submitted by the client to the financial institutions
  • Future transactions to be submitted by the client to the financial institutions
  • Successful transactions
  • Failed transactions
  • Cancelled transactions
  • It is a valuable means to forecast and manage exceptions