Do you need the professional assistance of a debt collection agency? If you do, then you will need to choose a debt collection agency with great care. Here are some qualities that make a debt collection agency stand out.

Why is Nudebt the leaders in Debt Collection ?

Team NuDebt will treat your customer not as just another debtor but as a valued client. Our call centre training academy MAD (Seta Tertiary Accredited) ensures that our agents interact in a well-versed, respectful and disciplined manner with your clients with the objective to address the customer’s needs and queries, confirm current contact details and to either make payment arrangements or to obtain full payment.


By rewarding your clients for paying – doing the right thing – we create a culture of willing payers. We use the eColls system where a client gets a rewards coupon from Dischem, Shoprite and other retailers when paying.



NuDebt prides itself in investing in the best training (MAD) hardware, software and continuous upskilling and real empowerment. We are forward thinking and innovative – a Debt Collection Company – ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution where Digitization and Remoteness are the keywords.



We engage with your team to ensure that handovers happen smoothly. We encourage your participation in the text development and building constructive campaigns for Team NuDebt to work on your books. We aim to be an extension of your brand, culture and values. We collect whilst you concentrate on your core-business.