`All South African businesses need to comply by the start of July 2021.  All companies will need to get your permission before they can robocall, email or what’s app / sms you.

A company may not sell off your information to a third party.  South Africans receive on average 11 spam calls a month with insurers the biggest offender.

Elizabeth de Stadler – Novation Consulting

No unsolicited robocalls or spam text are allowed unless you have given your permissions.  Companies have accumulated large data basisses of contact details of consumers names, id numbers, cellnumbers, emails – these data basis gets sold an bought on the open market.

From 1 July 2021 that is no longer allowed.  Data brokers is a thing of the past according to Elizabeth.

All opt out options must now be free.

You can still cold call customers as a voice call do not fall under the act.  If you close a bank account, a retail account or a rewards programme – the company must remove and destroy all you data – not only electronically but also hard copies.

All information of clients, even if you have a guesthouse must be stored safely – electronic and hard copies.

Even when you are sending your CV you are allowed to question some information and they will have to ask permission to keep your CV and Personal file when you resign.

Companies have 3 months to put an Information Policy in place.  Train their employees on the POPIA.  You must appoint an Information Officer.  You must have a dedicated information Storage area.  You must include your Privacy Information Policy on your website.